View Full Version : 2 Websites with EMD and Unique Content For Sale At Cheap Price of $100 only!!

09-08-2012, 06:42 AM
Hey guys,

Hope all of you are doing really well. I'm looking to sell two of my websites which i have like around 5-8 original content. I don't have time to maintain them because have bigger projects running.

These are the website :

www.androidjailbreak.net - EMD 6,600 exact searches per month
www.teriyakisalmon.net - EMD 5,500 exact searches per month.

If you seriously do the right SEO for the website you can easily rank 1 for the keywords of "androidjailbreak" and "Teriyaki salmon". You can monetize them with Adsense for sure.

I'm looking to sell them for $25 each, so it will be $50.. I will push it for FREE through Godaddy as well. Hope to find a reliable buyer. Even the $25 is far cheaper than the unique content on the website. So hope you could enjoy this cheap offer...