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Purpose of this Site:

Web Hosting Market has been created to keep its members updated about the latest happenings in the world of web hosting. The forum provides a platform to its members, where they can meet and interact and share their experience with the hosting, which they have personally used and have a strong opinion to share about it. Apart from it, the forum also helps its members to get answers of the quests, that they have in their mind. All this is tried to be done under the most friendly environment possible, without compromising on the professional core of the business. To ensure that we achieve our goals successfully, we have set some rules and regulations and we seek cooperation of all the members of this forum to follow them and help us in running this forum smoothly.

How to use this Site?

Web Hosting Market is an open public forum and hence, it can be accessed by everyone, who has an internet connection. Therefore, we require to set down some basic rules and regulations for its members, which can help in enriching their user experience and also ensure that the overall environment around the forum remains healthy and competent.

Here are some of the rules of the forum:

Age Limit – No one less than 13 years is allowed to register a member of this forum. If we discover any member guilty of providing fictitious age (claiming more than 13 years, when they are actually not), we reserve the right to terminate their account permanently.

One account per person – No person in the forum is allowed to have more than one account at any time. If for any reason, you are not able to access your account, please do not create a new one. Contact the administration/mods instead and we will assist you in this matter. If you would like to change your user name then too, you are requested to contact the administration. Under no circumstances, you should create a new account. If we found out any member with multiple accounts, all of your accounts could get terminated with immediate effect.

Shilling is strictly prohibited on this forum. If a member is commercially associated with a product or service and therefore, he tries to promote that particular product or service among fellow members, faking himself as someone, who has used that product/service and is happy with it and is hence recommending it to them, while in actual, he is doing it for vested interest in that product/service, that this act of his is defined as Shilling. This act of Shilling is understandably a serious threat to the reliably factor of the community and therefore, will not be tolerated a bit and will result is permanent termination of account(s) found indulged in this act.

To sum it up, all members are expected to abide by the above set of rules and ensure that their account runs without any problem. Violating any of these guidelines could result in serious consequences. Therefore, all members are requested to follow them and cooperate with us in running this forum successfully.

Further, we reserve all rights to regulate forum's content, which includes, but not limited to forum posts, user profile and links at any time as per our own discretion. Accounts too can be suspended without any prior notice. When you register with our forum, you automatically agree to these terms and conditions.

General Rules of Web Hosting Market

All members of the forum are expected to be polite. You are free to express yourself, but not at the cost of decency. Please keep a self check on the vocabulary used while expressing your feelings, failing to which might lead to unpleasant consequences at your end.

SPAM is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated a bit. If any member is found to be indulged in Spam of any kind, then that would be dealt strictly. Minor Spam would result in warnings and deletion of posts and major ones can well lead to the permanent termination of the concerned account. Therefore, please refrain yourself from it.

You and ONLY YOU are responsible for running your account. We DO NOT encourage you to share your password with any other person(s) for any reason. If you do so, you automatically become responsible for the activities done by them. If however, you think that your account has been compromised, please contact the administration immediately and we shall help you in the restoration of your account.

Be aware of the fact that this is an English forum and therefore, all the content, which is posted publicly on it has to be in English. You might not be a native English speaker, but you are expected to use English at all the public places of this forum.

• Members are not allowed to make useless posts, just to increase their post count or in hope that this would help their signature link promotion. Such an act will be treated as Signature Spam and would be dealt strictly.

• Members are only allowed to promote their product or service in the concerned section. We have made separate promotional section for this purpose. Promoting links outside that section would be treated as link spam.

• Please use a common thread for one product or service and keep it active rather than starting multiple threads for the same product. The later is treated as cross posting and will result in deletion of such threads and posts.

• Members can not ask of favours like asking someone to post a good review about them or their service, or recommend a member or his products. Likewise paid reviews are not allowed as well.

• If a member is banned, it is for a reason and other members are expected not to indulge themselves in anything concerned with that member, which includes but is not limited to starting sales thread for him or post anything in his favour.

• Banned words are not allowed to be use in any form. Any attempt made to include them by any means, tricks or otherwise would be dealt very strictly. The same applies for banned URLs, which mostly includes adult and hate content and but is not limited to that.

• You have to qualify to a certain post count before you can use premium features like messaging fellow members and using hyperlinks in the posts. At this time, the post count has been set to five, but can vary in future. Post count here don’t not merely reflects a number but refers to quality content, which is helpful in the development of forum in some way. Useless posts might well be deleted and account related to such posts can be suspended. Therefore, please refrain yourself from adding irrelevant and junk content just for increasing your post counts.

• This community is meant for sharing personal expertise of web hosting with other forum members and members are expected to be responsible, while recommending a hosting or any other product or service for that matter, to their counterparts. Please do not support a service, if you have not used it in person and are truly satisfied by it. Likewise, do not spread bad words for something that you have not experienced yourself. Share an opinion only when you really have something to say from your own experience.

• Illegal content of any type is strictly prohibited and will be immediately deleted. Accounts related to such content will be permanently suspended.

• Please refrain yourself from questing the administration publicly. If you have an issue, please contact us via private message rather than starting a thread over the issue. Such threads can be removed and could also result in termination of your account.

• Some of the premium features are only meant for Premium or reputed members. Certain sections of the forum also requires members to qualify for them, failing which, they would not be able to participate in the concerned forum. If you are not able to figure it out or are facing any problem related to this, please contact the moderators for further assistance.

• For any other query, which is left unanswered here, feel free to contact us via private messaging service and we shall get back to you at our earliest.

Guidelines for posting in Advertisement Section

These are the rules that all the members of the forum are suppose to follow before posting or using the advertisement segment of this forum.

• All posts made in the promotional section must abide by the latest U.S. Laws.

• Please use only one advertisement or sales thread for the promotion of your product or service. The best way would be to keep a single sales thread and keep it active by replying queries of the potential client. You can also add the latest promotional offers and discount schemes, that you offer on a timely basis on the first post of the sales thread to keep it timely updated. If however, you intend to start a new sales thread, then do not do it in less than seven days from the date of your last posted sales thread.

• * Advertisement forum has some prerequisites before you can post a thread in it. These includes:

• a) Member must be seven days old on the forum.

• b) Read the general posting rules carefully and make sure that your posts does not violates any of them.

• c) Asking of personal loans is strictly prohibited in the forum.

• d) Do not make unnecessary comments on other person's sales thread. Also, all attempts to defame or deteriorate fellow member's promotional thread or offer by criticizing it or comparing their offer with another one is not welcomed.

• e) Any kind of fraudulent attempt will result in permanent termination of account.

Guidelines for User Profiles:

All the information, which you can post and edit in your user profile can be accessed and edited using user control panel. Members are expected to consider the following points before selecting content for their profile and signature:

• a) Website address or contact information like email address is not allowed as a user name. Maximum character limit for a user name is twenty five.

• b) Please only post your postal address in the location filed of your profile. Do not post your website URL there. URLs should only be posted in the website field.

• c) You are expected to select decent pictures for your profile. A real picture of yours would help in building trust among fellow member. Any indecent picture would be moderated.

Signature Guidelines:

Signatures are meant to reflect your attitude. They are primarily not supposed to be promoting you or your business. Please consider following guidelines before selecting a signature for yourself:

• a) You need to make at least ten posts before you can select a signature for yourself. These posts should not merely be junk posts just meant for the heck of it. Rather, they should be quality content, which are beneficial to fellow members of the forum and add quality to the overall content development of Web Hosting Market. Apart from it, you have to be at least seven days old on this site before you can select a signature for yourself.

• b) Dimensionally speaking, a signature should not be too big. That not only looks ugly, but also creates problem in viewing thread. The font size should not be more than normal. Try to use minimum colors, not more than three colors in any case (excluding black) and not more than two emotes.

• c) A signature can have a maximum of two click-able links. Please refrain yourself from posting any specially character in the signature (especially for give it a different look).

• d) The content of the signature should be decent and acceptable. It should not contain anything that violates the general content posting guidelines.

• e) Web Hosting Market reserves right to change, edit, modify or delete any signature, which it feel is not suitable for the forum. To avoid this, please follow the above guideline and minimize the chance for your signature being edited by the moderators.

Other Important Points:

• All the members of this forum have their own mind and what they post in the forum are a reflection of the same. Web Hosting Market does not subscribe to their thoughts. We can, at best, moderate content which does not follow to the guidelines. Apart from it, please use your own discretion before arising to a conclusion from any content posted in this forum.

• Please do not contact moderators for deleting or modify any content posed by fellow member on this forum. We do not entertain personal requests for such purpose. Therefore, please do not contact us in this matter.

Privacy Policy:

• We are strong supporters of privacy and respect your privacy as well. The personal information provided by you, which include your name, address and other contact information are safe with us and under no circumstances, we would leak it out for commercial purpose or otherwise.

• That being said, all members are expected to behave responsibility and avoid any unpleasant experience on this forum, which might turn out due to their misbehavior. These guidelines changes periodically and we mention about these changes in our announcements section. All the members are expected to keep themselves updated with them by vising that section.

Enjoy your stay on Web Hosting Market !

Last Updated: April 10, 2014


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