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    Is Drupal good enough?

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    Wordpress is my forte but I'm currently on board for a project where I have to use Drupal. The site itself was constructed using Drupal and I need me to read up on it once more.

    The last time I used Drupal was around its 4th iteration... kinda wasn't easy for me coz:

    - there were no modules yet back then >> installing tinyMCE was a necessity
    - sort of unstable given that the add-on modules often weren't stable when combined with Drupal's system updates and due to quite a few module incompatibilities.

    Should the 7th version be good enough?

    What are the disadvantages, if any to using Drupal in comparison to Wordpress?
    Where can I get some links / tutorials to brush up on my Drupal skills?

    Thank you much!

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    Re: Is Drupal good enough?

    Well I can understand where you are coming from. Wordpress has more or less become the most popular choice. However, I can tell you that drupal has changed alot from it's 4th version a while back. - Choose with Confidence
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    Re: Is Drupal good enough?

    Every Skill is Good if you are capable to upgrade with their updated modules every now and then. Same is the case with Drupal.

    About wordpress, there are many platforms now a days a programmer is using to provide better software development solution.

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    Re: Is Drupal good enough?

    4th version of drupal is a long walk to what you have in 7th version. Although I do not have the links to where you can get the necessary help for now but I think the challenges must have been smoothened.

    No doubt wordpress is the choice for a good number of people. It has become quite popular.

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    I heard drupal is hard to control, so i don't suggest you to use it

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