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    High Paying Keywords List - 2012 - 2013 (Adsense)

    FatCow Web Hosting
    Hi iWipo Members

    This is the list of top or highest paying google keywords list we recently discovered. Few days back we launched a domain name generator, suggestions and search related website ( And for that website we created a section we call – High Paying Keywords Domain Search. In that section of our website we wanted to develop a tool where people can search high paying keyword domain names for free.

    And for that section we started to collect all top paying google keywords. And when we finally finished/gathered near about 500,000 high paying keywords we were really shocked to see some of the keywords’ CPC.

    We discovered 34 keywords with CPC $200 plus, more than 600 keywords with CPC $100 plus and more than 6000 keywords with CPC $50 plus.

    If you want to see all 500,000 top paying keywords and want to check domain name availability of those 500,000 high paying keywords you can visit our website’s high paying keywords section.

    Guys, we never accepted to find this type of CPC when we started our work. This is an accidental finding. And please remember we are not Keyword Experts so please bear with us if you find any problem with our data.

    Anyway, I am sharing our findings in image (png format) to keep the table arrangement (row/column) properly. It may take some time to load all 20 images because each image contains 100 highest paying keywords for a Main Keyword.


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    Re: High Paying Keywords List - 2012 - 2013 (Adsense)

    Wow. Thanks for sharing that! I hope thats real.

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    Re: High Paying Keywords List - 2012 - 2013 (Adsense)

    Yes thats real. But if this list will be for 2013 thats just google knows. But thanks anyway for sharing. This will help ppl to choose the right niche.

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    Re: High Paying Keywords List - 2012 - 2013 (Adsense)

    Thank's for sharing this Police. It's GREAT!

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    This is great share!!!!

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    Wow! this is awesome I am planning to make a website on number 10 keyword.

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    This is the best list i ever seen!!! THanks

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    Wow, what a list! And that's nice of you to share this with us. Thanks a lot, really helpful!

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    Thanks for the list, you have made a good effort in collecting these lists.

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    Thanks for the list,. its a great effort.

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