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    Html is more safe than flash?

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    Hi everyone. Am using some flash scripts in my site. As i know flash can be hacked. Is that true? If yes how can i protect my site?

    Thank you!

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    well if you have enough security on your website, then its not easy to hack it,.... although I prefer you to use html if its possible for your website,..

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    HTML is very good and safe to use in webdesigning and it is more secured.

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    Yes, it is right that HTML is safer than Flash because HTML is hyper text markup language which you can use to design websites using various tags. In flash normally there are no disadvantages but at client side flash is known to have vulnerabilities, so it does not matter that your site is flash or not. It does matter if client flash installed.

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    Search-engine optimization is an important consideration if the website will rely on search engines to generate traffic when looking at how a search engine will index a website HTML offers the best choice the reason is that search-engine spiders are designed to interpret and understand HTML code

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    You cant inject anything to html (or its very very hard) and its hard to differentiate with both.

    The only advantage of html is that search engines can actually crawl them and that html sites load faster.
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    Its better to create your website in HTML because HTML is crawled by Google than Flash,flash is not indexed by Google

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    HTML is safer then flash when it is used with server side programming language! Recall that HTML source code of a website meant to be public! But combined with any secured technology, even JavaScript, you have a better website! With flash, you don't know if client browser support it!

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