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    5 Steps to Choosing the Right Web Hosting

    FatCow Web Hosting
    1. Understand the differing types of hosts: shared, collocated, unmanaged dedicated, and managed dedicated. Is your site brand new with little traffic? In the event your site is a newer domain, you won't need the raw power of a dedicated server unless your site is resource intensive which can include: streaming, video's, proxies and even linking to videos as well can cause a high load on Apache and the CPU(s).

    2. Go for stability, not just size. Just because the host if offering you unmetered and unlimited space, doesn't mean you should soley base your decision on that. What good is that account to you when your site is down or the server is overloaded? Research how long the hosting business has been in operation. See if they have recently changed ownership, and if they show positive cash flow.

    3. How skilled is their staff? When you need customer service of a technical nature, you need it immediately, right? Find out the availability of their systems administrators. Send them a support ticket and see how fast they respond.

    4. This step of course, is optional. Make sure that the host does not have blacklisted IPs. The host that you want to do business with would not be one that promotes illegal sites, spammers, or other security issues. You are considering associating your business with this host. You could always ask them what web server they plan to put you on.

    5. Begin with and maintain a clear and written understanding of all services and all charges for them. If questions still remain or some terms are unclear it is strongly advised that you ask for clarification before signing up for anything.

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    I would also agree that stability is much, much more important than size.

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    Quote Originally Posted by berric View Post
    I would also agree that stability is much, much more important than size.

    I agree as we'll over the last few years I been through hosts that are not working for me.
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    Nice, thanks a lot, I knew some of these tips, but some of them were new and helpful for me.

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    In my opinion support is most important. Staffs has to be skillful. Polite with clients.

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    Thanks for this guide, I do agree staff are important when it comes to support, I have had my fair share of bad support staff that didn't know what they were doing. So competent staff is important. I didn't really do step 5 but I do agree and will take these steps when I come to pick a host if I should start a site up again in the future

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    Quote Originally Posted by SolidState View Post
    In my opinion support is most important. Staffs has to be skillful. Polite with clients.
    Yes, you may choose web hosting who gives support 24 hours.

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    Thanks a lot, few tips was familiar to me, but the rest were new and hope it will be helpful for me.

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