Dropmysite has released another new function: “Website Monitor” – instant notification in the event of website outage. Along with “Email Insights” added earlier, Dropmysite further shows the commercial viability in backing up and analyzing big data.

Many websites like e-commerce, social network platforms, data centers suffer outages and downtime, millions can be missed out on in lost opportunities and customer dissatisfaction. Dropmysite’s new complimentary tool will come in handy in times of e-crisis.

“SMEs now gain a cost-effective way to track website uptime and efficiency,” says, John Fearon, CEO and Founder of Dropmysite. “We expect to 10X our ARPU (average revenue per users) over the next few months.”

“Website Monitor” will allow website owners instant alerts when their online data suffers catastrophic events like website outage, hacks, database crashes and more. With immediate notice of website problems, it is possible to fix it before irreparable damage is done to the website, business and reputation.

This new tool will complement the existing Dropmysite website/database backup with alerts when the user’s cloud data is compromised. Owners can choose to receive free email notifications or a chargeable SMS.

1) Monitor Website Availability

Dropmysite allows you to monitor the uptime of your website and notifies you via email or SMS in the event of a server or network outage. You can monitor your website from anywhere through the web or on mobile.

2) Generate Website Performance Reports

Dropmysite lets you analyze the response time (in msecs) of your website from around the world and view them graphically on a chart. You can monitor the performance of either a GET, POST or a HEAD request.

Big players in this space like Symantec, Akamai and Webmatrix can charge up to $250 USD per month for their service. Also, users will be able to get an overview on the latency of their sites to understand the cause of their web failures.Finally, “Website Monitor” is packaged with its award-winning database and website backup from Dropmysite so no data is lost.

Notifications for web disasters may not be new but most versions are rather expensive and one-dimensional.

Dropmysite Others
Price Free Up to $250USD / month
Notification Email / SMS Email
Latency Reports Yes No
Website backup Yes No

“Website Monitor”, along with Dropmysite’s website/database backup, to try for 30 days at http://www.dropmysite.com

Dropmysite / Dropmyemail

Dropmysite is a company that backs up the Internet, with a focus on backing up Cloud data, such as websites, emails, chat, social media, and more. The company has developed and launched two websites: http://www.Dropmysite.com

and http://www.Dropmyemail.com – the latter is a Cloud-to-Cloud backup solution for Emails, a freemium consumer service that lets you backup your emails, contacts, chat and calendars, automatically. It is a simple and secure process that works with almost all platforms, including Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Gmail, Exchange, Enterprise and more.

Dropmyemail was launched on 1 March 2012 at DEMO Asia, the leading event for the best and brightest companies to launch to a global audience, and awarded the “DemoGURU” and “Freedom” Award.

Today, this startup has been featured on CNBC, Wall Street Journal, Venture Beat, Tech Crunch and more. The company was selected amongst the hottest 20 startups by Singapore Business Review in 2013. The combined websites of Dropmysite / Dropmyemail has almost 1 million signups, offices in 4 countries (Dallas, Texas, US / Mumbai, India / Tokyo, Japan / Singapore) and the website is translated into 9 languages (English / Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese / Hindi / Spanish / Korean / Japanese / Bahasa Indonesia / Thai).