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Thread: .net or .com?

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    .net or .com?

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    net or com which is better for a hosting related site? My opinion is the network (.net). What do you think?

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    Definitely .COM is much better. I like domain registrar. It offers a wide range of unique domain extensions.
    Their support is responsive and helpful. Pricing is reasonable - your domains will not 'play disappear' with you.

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    I prefer to get domains from They are offering quality service and low pricing, I've never noticed they don't provide any domain extension, all you need you'll get.

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    I see provides so many attractive offers for their customers which make them attractive indeed. And their flexible system of discounts is amazing.

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    In the past it used to be that .net were the first choice for network-related websites, but that isn't the case anymore - definitely you should go with a .com in order to be more recognizable to the general public, when you mention an internet site most people just assume a .com.
    If they are both available you could buy both the .net and .com, and re-direct everything to the .com. By having both you will protect your brand from competition.
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    + vote for domain Registrar. I would also like to add that doing routine things such as dns changes, nameserver updates and registrar transfers is extremely simple with Sibername. It is a simple domain registration site, with a handful of helpful features that are popular with reviews.
    I like it. Recommended!

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    It depends on what you want to achieve! .net is not so popular but in some registrar it is cheaper! But if your website go popular, it is common that people try to access your website via dot com when typing directly; if someone buy that tld before you, you'll lose a lot of traffic! .com is most recommended!

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    I prefer the dot com for my business websites and clients websites.

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    I think most of the people like the dot com domain name extension. I also prefer the dot com.

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    My favorite is dot com extension. It gives the real feeling of having a website.

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