Script Addons
User Login Log v1.0 $3.00 - When ever your member logs into your site a record is added to a login tracking table. You can monitor and query several data fields, such as date/time stamp, ip, country, etc. The following images sows what you get.
A menu item in your admin panel under Tools/Logging

Query result and searchable fields

You can sort the columns, search by column values and click on the username to open the edit user page.

This addon requires that you have the ip2nation and ip2nationcountries in your database. If you do not have ip2nation tables I can installed it for $3.00
Code will have to be added to your login page. If you do not know how to add the provided code I can do it for $3.00
If you want me to do the complete installation, that is the database requirement, login code added and admin panel menu option I will do it for $5.00


I have plans for adding additional functionality but I thought other site owners could use this version. So I am offering it for a very low price. Most site owners should be able to install this addon but I do offer my services if needed.