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Price is 10$ ( + Paypal & Payza Fees ) For First 3 Buyers ( Back link Version )
Price is 15$ ( + Paypal & Payza Fees ) For First 3 Buyers ( No Back link Version )

- Most of site owners do want to keep their members active and login to click ads daily , this addon will help you on this

> How does it work ?

* The addon is fully integrated with your admin panel , you will be able to set all types of bonus for your members as following :

+ as shown in the image you will have the options to :
1- activate or deactivate the login bonus
2- enable email alerts to members each time they receive a login bonus
3- add the type of bonus you want members to receive when they log in

- the previous screen shot shows you bonus assigned to free members

for upgraded members you will be able to assign bonus according to membership type as following :

bonus message for memberships will show on the memberships in store as following :

each time the member will receive a login bonus he will receive and email to notify him about receiving the bonus as following :

the user will have the option to enable or disable these email notifications from his profile :

admins will be able to see login bonus in site logs and also in member profile as following :

- About the addon :
1- Bonus will be assigned once daily to each user that logs in only
2- Mod has different options for free members and upgraded members
3- Addon is built with SDR 3 but it will work on any version of aurora
4- Addon comes installed only , NO installation files will be given

- Prices & Payments :
1- Price is 15$ ( + Paypal Or Alertpay Fees ) For versions with email backlink
2- Price is 20$ ( + Paypal Or Alertpay Fees ) For versions without email backlink
3- Price for future upgrade will vary between 5 to 15$ depending on the new parts in the upgrade
4- re installs price is 5$
5- Payments are through Paypal & Alertpay & Liberty Reserve

- As Usual , With all my addons , you will get unlimited free support and fixes for any problem you might face in any of my addons ( as long as no modifications or changes have been done to your version )

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