- Reason For Making This Addon :
* This will help owners to avoid cheaters and decrease their cashout requests by 80 or 90% so would save you a lot of time

- How Does It Work :
* It has 3 parts to prevent most cheaters from cashing out :

1- Protection from PTSU cheaters : many members submit fake details in PTSU offers and get denied by advertisers , some of them do get fake ptsu approved due to advertisers being inactive or other reasons , so with this option enabled , members who have more DENIED PTSU , than APPROVED PTSU wont be able to cashout and will get a message saying they must have more approved ptsu first in order to cashout , so this will be good to turn them from cheaters to actually a good members

2- PTP Abuse Protection : This will help you to set a ratio between ptphits and number of signups for example 2500 ptp hit should get at least 1 signup , this will protect you from cheaters who use ptp frames or autosurfs or whatever methods they use , so with this option enabled , if they cheat their hits will be just free hits for your site and they wont be able to cashout unless they get real referrals first

3- Country Change Protection , this will prevent users who's signup country isn't same as their current country from cashing out , for example if a member from china joined , then used a USA proxy to cashout , his request wont proceed and he will get an error message as shown below

4- Profile Edit To Show You Members Signup Countries : This will show you country from which the member Joined

> For sites that have been online for a while I'll Provide a Sign up Countries Adder tool , which will add all current members Join Countries .

* Mod integration with admin panel :

* If member denied PTSU is more than the approved PTSU , the following error message would show when requesting payment :

* If this member has more PTPHits/Signups Ratio , More than the allowed ratio , The following error message would show when requesting payment :

* If A member from a certain country , tried to cashout from a different country ( using a proxy ) he will get the following error :

* Member Profile Edit In Admin Panel To Show Join Country And Current Country :

* The Signup Country Adder Tool :

- So with these options you will be able to prevent cheaters from cashing out and sometimes force them to become real active members

- Change Log :

*Version 2 :-
# Country Change Protection Added
# Sign Up Countries Adder Added
# Sign Up Country Now Shows In Member Profile ( Admin Panel )
# Join Ip Location Changed From Pending Requests To Member Profile ( Admin Panel )

* Version 1 :-

# Initial Release
# PTSU Protection
# PTP Protection
# Join Ip And Current IP Compare Tables In Pending Requests Section

- Addon Details :
1- This addon was built with sdr 3 script , but it should work on all aurora based scripts
2- It comes installed only
3- Price is 11$ ( + Fees ) ( With The Country Change Protection Module) OR 7.5$ (+ Fees Without Country Protection Module )
4- Price Of Upgrading From Version 1 To Version 2 Is 3$
4- Payment methods accepted are Paypal & Alertpay & Liberty Reserve
5- If you have any modifications you like to add to the addon i can add it for you for just 2$ Per extra modification
6- As Usual , With all my addons , you will get unlimited free support and fixes for any problem you might face in any of my addons

- My Other Addons :
* Members From Certain Countries Must Upgrade To Cashout

- Currently Installed On The Following Sites :
1- http://fast-ptc.info/
2- http://fast2-ptc.info/
3- http://fast3-ptc.info/
4- http://cashons.com/