This arrived in my email this morning after the events in UK caused a currency fluctuation.

Dear Customer,

Due to recent fluctuations in currency values and exchange rates we have reviewed our pricing across all currencies and wish to inform you we will be making some changes to our pricing.

Where possible we have aimed to bring the benefit of these currency value changes to our customers (for example domains will now be priced at 6.51 USD {previously 7.10 USD}) but there will be some domains which are now more expensive, particularly in the GBP and EUR currencies.

A full list of the new pricing is attached to this email.

As these market fluctuations are ongoing and unpredictable, we may be forced to make further changes at short notice in the coming weeks. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we attempt to limit the impact of these external forces.

Thank you very much for you continued business, we hope that the changes are beneficial to your personal requirements.

Yours truly,
The team