I, as a developer and community member have been closely observing the scripts market for quite a time now, we have all seen many scripts both flawed and decent but more or less all of them were somekind of clones or look-a-likes of each other or tried to compete with each other on the basis of functionality .

Keeping everything in mind, i decided to code up a different level of mp3 scripts right from the beginning for commercial purpose. I am finally done and now like to present you Engino-the next level of mp3 engine scripts (a journey from its beginning).

What is Engino?

Engino is a extremely stable MP3 search and discovery engine built on the enterprise level web framework - Symfony2 for backend and stable responsive framework - Bootstrap from twitter for the frontend. Symfony2 is the known framework for powering giants like dailymotion and twitter bootstrap needs no introduction - "it's right from the bag of twitter".

We all see a common problem among mp3 scripts in general (however from my experience i have also seen really good ones out there too )- having frequently broken sources and being ILLEGAL.

Engino solves all of them ? how .. (well you might be thinking .. ah again youtube, no that's not the case ) . Engino is powered by the intelligent Soundcloud api which only searches the sounds on the soundcloud database which are either marked as "Externally streamable" or "downloadable". So all the results will be playable on Engino engine , breaking problems gone. Engino automatically renders a download button for the sound on the dedicated sound page if the sound is marked as "externally downloadable". (Illegal problem gone, api explicitly permits which song to download and which not to). If you are thinking that streaming urls can also be used to exploit by using them to download songs, then answer is no - its not going to happen.

The Player rendered on the song page is written from scratch to be compatible with bootstrap UI and javascript . So it works gracefully in the dreaded IE as well. Search results are fast and are cached regularly to support heavy traffic. Song pages have advanced sharing options - networks are Facebook , Pinterest , Digg, Twitter , Google+ and also have facebook comment plugin dedicated for each page which renders accordingly to increase user engagement.
SEO has been taken care off by using TWIG templating system for Symfony2 (default system) so that every page has its own meta description , title , keywords changing uniquely .( In the demo its kept minimalistic to show the proof of concept). TWIG also has major advantage of seperating Application logic and Business logic completely so that as different developer you are less likely to break the code while editing and customising.

Engino is totally on MVC pattern and comes with Symfony2 web profiler which helps debugging easy in developer mode. You can easily check whats going on with your application and where the optimization is needed depending on your page code and traffic.

Apart of these, Engino has optimized ad space of skyscraper type adverts on both song page and search page . It also has 2 predefined pages as about and contact where you can put in your information. The Price which i have decided for the whole package (everything with mobile framework as well) for one domain license : $100.

Despite being Minimalistic , The price was decided keeping in mind that i will not be increasing it atleast for a while now before the package moves on to a different level and license will be lifetime with all upgrades for free.

I am sharing the v2.0 roadmap as well here , major features being:

1: Linkedin, twitter and facebook connect.
2. User signup and management Feature.
3. Profile creation.
4. Multiplaylists creation.
5. advanced player.
6. more integrated sharing options.
7. Memcached enabled database for very high performance scalability.

V2.0 will be released within '3 months' of the debut release of Engino v1.0.
Engino is brand new script and i personally think that DP marketplace is the best one to debut launch it . I gurrantee that you will not find engino anywhere on the internet for sales or even for demo display.
I will be setting up a gateway for Engino soon for accepting payments. Till then you can pay via this paypal link to me .


You will be receiving the Package within 24 hours of payment on your desired email after verifying payment.

Please pardon my late replies since i am in a different timezone and may be sleeping while you are querying me anything :P .

Shoot me up a PM if you have sales and delivery related questions or you can freely ask them here.

DEMO: http://engino.supriyo.me/