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    FatCow Web Hosting
    Indeed it is, just post good quality content on relevant forums.

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    By being active on forums, you do get the word out about your site.
    Which is marketing. So most of the time it's good value to post on many forums. But you still need to be active on those forums. If you only sign up to spam your links, people will know and instead avoid you. -_- the guides to administer your lowend vps -_- FREE webhosting, more options available. -_- 3.00 p/year 64/128mb OpenVZ VPS

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    Forum posting is one of most important factors of getting regular traffic.

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    forum posting is one of the best way to do the SEO but their are some forums with strict moderators which docent allow marketing much

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    Its very obvious that you can actually generate traffic using forum posting especially if your posts are well written and very informative.

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    Forum links helps you to increase your link popularity. Hence your search engine rank will increase and brings more organic traffic.
    Forums are well cached by search engines.
    You can use deep links without any issue.

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    This forum has increased our personal back links from you guys inserting them in posts.

    You guys are awesome for that as well! We want to change the way that people are with a web hosting company.
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    Forum posting is great for traffic. You reach out to a wide variety of clients, who become a support network for your company. Most people come to forums to socialize, find information and to give information. In today's high tech age of networking what company can afford not to post adds or deals in high traffic forums?

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    Now a days hundreds of websites are hosted in a single day and to get traffic on these sites are becoming a huge problem. To increase the ranking of websites SEO professionals are hired which uses various optimization techniques. But in this technology changing world relatively all webmasters are utilizing optimization techniques to achieve higher rankings

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    I would say yes it is very effective as long you have in a right way

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